Vibrantly Food Photo Editing App for iPhone

I am very proud to introduce Vibrantly, the iPhone app that let’s you create pretty food photos in one tap.

With Vibrantly, you can shoot, edit, and share a beautiful food photo to your social networks in less time than it takes to make a piece of toast.

With Vibrantly, you get to spend more time eating and enjoying your company than editing food photos on your phone.

The Problem and Solution

As a professional food blogger and iPhone food photographer, I personally wanted a way to create great food shots in a couple taps like what you can do on Instagram.

I looked high and low for an iPhone photo editing app that would give me the ability to make food photos look GOOD in one tap, and alas I could not find that app, so I made one.

Before Vibrantly, editing 20 photos would require 1-3 iPhone apps and or 2 programs on my laptop taking at least 90 minutes of my time. Now, with Vibrantly, I can create those same 20 food photos at Stephanie-level quality in 15 minutes.

And so can you!

This is the inaugural version of Vibrantly, v1 as I call it, which focuses solely on simple food photo editing. In v2, we will add more filters and custom editing features.

Here is a quick run down on the current featured filters in Vibrantly.

There are currently 5 photo filters in Vibrantly. Each of the filters were thoughtfully named related to food reflecting similar characteristics of what the filter does to your photo complementary to qualities of its namesake like refreshing, brilliant, pop, luster, smoldering and romantic.

We had so much fun naming these memorable filters!

Here is each filter in action. You can create these beautiful effects on your raw iPhone photos in one tap!

Hope that introduction helps you feel inspired. Here are 5 tips to take better iPhone food shots in the first place because filters can help only so much.

Bon appeshoot!

Buy Vibrantly on the Apple app store for $1.99.

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