Welcome To The Brand New Flexi 21 Site!

Hello friends! It’s an exciting day as I launch the new home of The Flexi 21, a plant-forward food blog about culinary climate action where eating low carbon is °Cool.

Yes, I had some fun playing on the celsius symbol in the tagline because it gets straight to the point of including climate change in a delightful way.

It’s time to make food a top climate action item.

I feel it’s going to be an exciting year in 2018. High-tech goes plant-forward has already been cited as one of the top food trends of 2018. More and more people are becoming open to the idea of reducing their meat, dairy and egg consumption for health and environmental reasons.

Their is no Planet B, so we have to start including dietary behavior change in climate action items we can all do to shrink our personal carbon footprint to help stop climate change because industrial animal agriculture is impacting climate change more than the entire transportation sector.

A good place to get the lowdown on the bigger picture is to start with this post, “10 Staggering Facts: How Massive The Industrial Animal Agriculture Problem Actually Is.”

Also, here you can get started and learn more about The Flexi 21 Dietary Challenge so you can start eating plant-forward and low carbon.

Because eating low carbon is °Cool! 😎

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