Product Review: Plant-based Tuna Ahimi Nigiri and Roll from Ocean Hugger Foods At Whole Foods Market

In September, I was excited to hear about this new plant-based tuna called Ahimi made by Ocean Hugger Foods featured in USA Today that Whole Foods Market was selling in nigiri and a roll. Buzzfeed also posted a video about this vegan tuna sushi feeding it to unsuspecting people in the office.

I was in NYC to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller center and found the Ahimi nigiri and roll at the Bryant Park Whole Foods on 42nd St and 6th Avenue so I bought a pack because hello vegan sushi!


One word review: WOW.

What blew my away the most is that this Ahimi is made from tomatoes. Who knew tomatoes could have a fatty-like texture so close to tuna fish with a vibrant red color that is spot on. I took a close up shot above so you could get a better view of the surface texture. Just looking at it most would never guess that was tomato. From the Ocean Hugger website:

“Made from just five natural ingredients, Ahimi™ is free of mercury, PCBs, and other toxic chemicals. It’s also vegan, safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with compromised immune systems.”

With Ahimi, you will never get a fishy flavor nor any worms or bacteria that can come with raw fish, and the best part is that the fish can stay in the ocean. The website does not list nutritional info because I am curious about the protein content as well as the fat and cholesterol.

Here is a quick peek video of the Ahimi up close so you can see it in action.


I liked the Ahimi best in the roll. If you served plant-based tuna this roll to your average meat-eaters, they would never know the difference. The Ahimi wouldn’t fool sushi aficionados but I think they might be impressed with the texture for a plant-based option. I would be curious to hear what Japanese sushi chefs think of this Ahimi.

I would love to see Ocean Hugger Foods do a spicy tuna so you could make spicy tuna rolls, my favorite.


Definitely try the Ahimi nigiri and rolls out if you can, and let me know what you think. Ocean Hugger Foods is heading in a great direction!


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