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I love to hear from you! I do my best to answer email but sometimes things get overwhelming, because I am a team of one at the moment. I’ll try and respond in a timely manner.

No spam please. Be cool!

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*Note to brands before you pitch us, this is what I want to see.

For food pitches, I basically use Whole Foods Market’s ingredient criteria. Your product cannot contain any ingredient on this list.

If your product has any of these certifications, it will get our attention faster, so start off with that.

If your company is a registered B-Corporation, or a social/impact business, startup, investor or organization, absolutely, tell me all about what you got going on.

If you are an organic or GMO-free farmer, CSA, farm-to-table, farmers market organizer, or pro-organic organization, bring it on people.

If you are Sir Branson, Angelina, or Bernie OMG! CALL ME!

So you know, I only write about goods and services that I think my audience would like, and I would use myself. If you send me stuff and it turns out to not be a fit, I won’t write about it. It’s my general policy to avoid posting negative reviews because I like to focus on what I love.


I respond to short meaningful pitches. Here is a good template for your pitch:

  • Feel free to start with, “Hi Stephanie!” No need to be formal or sound like an email blast.
  • 1-2 sentences what the product is and who it targets.
  • 1-2 sentences why my audience will care. Basically, answer the “So what?” question.
  • 1-2 sentences on pertinent details like launch date, availability, pricing, or any promos.
  • Include a link to your press release and website at the bottom of your pitch.

I will reply with more questions, if I have any. If you follow this pitch format to a tee, you will score some big brownie points because I know you have taken the time.

Thank you!

Founder, Vibrantly