Product Review: Philz Coffee Iced Mint Mojito


One of the most popular coffee chains in California is Philz Coffee which not only has some good and fun coffee drinks but also serves vegan goodies like donuts, and cookies.

My favorite drink at Philz, and one of the most popular drinks in general there, is the Iced Mint Mojito which is sweet, creamy, and minty. This Mojito is a MUST.

The fresh mint leaves on top really make this drink incredible. Normally, the Mint Mojito is made with a signature cow milk cream but you can get a mojito made with soy or almond milk to make it plant-based. In the picture here, my mojito has soy milk.

The Mint Mojito also comes hot but it’s not really that good and the mint leaves shrivel in the heat and gets kinda yucky truth be told. Nice and iced cold is the way to go!

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