Product Review: Trader Joe’s Canned Coconut Whipped Topping

Canned whipped cream may not seem like a big deal to many people but when you are vegan, plant-based or allergic to dairy, it’s actually a big deal because finding a can of dairy-free whipped cream to just easily spray on pie, dessert, or ice cream sundaes is hard to find.

Look no further! Trader Joe’s has a new canned coconut based whipped topping and it is AWESOME!

I will actually have to control myself with this whipped cream because it’s so sweet and delicious and best the cream holds it’s shape really well and doesn’t disintegrate into a watery puddle like some other dairy-free canned whipped creams. Here is a quick video of me spraying some of the topping onto a JoJo cookie.

I had to go to my local Trader Joe’s twice because the topping is so popular it kept selling out. See all gone.

LOVE to see this happen because it means that the product is popular. So run out and get yourself a can or three of this awesome Trader Joe’s whipped cream.

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